Action Seeds—cooling, astringent. Nutritive value of ragi is higher
than that of rice and equal to that of wheat. White ragi is superior to the pigmented type. A nourishing food for infants, growing children, expectant mothers and aged people. Ragi is considered an ideal food for diabetics because of slow release of sugars to the body. A decoction of leaves and stems is drunk to ease vaginal bleeding.
The protein content of ragi is 8— 13%, with P250, Fe 7.6, thiamine 0.18— and riboflavin 0.1 mg/100 g. Ragi has high glycemic index value. It reduced plasma cholesterol, total serum cholesterol and LDL cholesterol by 9% each, and triglycerides by 15%, and increased HDL cholesterol, thus exhibited a significant beneficial effect on plasma profile. The lipemic index for ragi is 55, taking isocaloric wheat-supplemented background diet (control) at 100.

236 Eleusine indica Gaertin.

Eleusine indica Gaertin.
Gram ineae, Poaceae.
Habitat Australia, North America; throughout the warmer parts of the world. In India, in wet plains and low hills and pasture grounds.
English Crowfoot Grass, Crab Grass.
Ayurvedic Nandimukha (var.).
1 Nandiaa (Orissa), Mahaar Naachni (Maharashtra), Thippa Ragi (Tamil Nadu).
ø Used for biiary disorders. In Vietnamese traditional medicine, a decoction of the whole plant is used as stomachic, diuretic, febrifuge, and in sprains.
Aerial parts contain vitexin, 3-0- beta-D-glucopyranosyl-beta-sitosterol and its 6’-O-palmitoyl derivatives.
Elsholtzia cristata Wifid.
F. ciliata (Thunb.) Hyland.
Perillapolystachya D. Don.
Labiatae; Lam iaceae.
Habitat The Himalayas and Assam up to 3,000 m, introduced into the Nilgiris (Tamil Nadu).
Ayurvedic Aj agandhaa (controversial synonym).
Folk Ban-Tulasi, Bovai, PhootKanda.
ø Carminative, stomachic, astringent. Leaf—diuretic, antipyretic. Neutralizes after effects

of intoxication. Used for abdominal pains, nausea, bleeding nose. Fresh plants from Uttaranchal
gave 0.4% essential oil having

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