Shveta-Garj an, Jarandruma.
Action Decoction of the bark is prescribed in rheumatism. Oil— applied to ulcerated wounds. Balsam—applied externally in gonorrhoea.
Dipterocarpus resin gave sesquiterpenoids. The essential oil contains 2 sesquiterpenoids of eudesmane series.
Dipterocarpus turbinatus
Gaertn. f.
Synonym D. indicus Bedd.
Family Dipterocarpaceae.
Habitat The Andamans and Assam. English Common Gurjun tree,
Wood Oil tree.

Folk Ebony.

Dolichandrone fakate Seem. 221

Ayurvedic Ajakarna, Chhaagakarna, Ashwakarna.
Siddha/Tamil Enney, Saara. Folk Gurjan.
Action Oleo-resin (known as Gurjan Oil or Gurjan Balsam)— stimulant to genitourinary system, diuretic, spasmolytic; used externally on ulcers, ringworm and other cutaneous affections. Bark—a decoction is prescribed rheumatism.
Essential oil from oleo-resin contained humulene, beta- caryophyllene, a bicyclic sesquiterpene hydrocarbon and a sesquiterpene alcohol.
The twig bark contains 9% tannin and 7.3% soluble non-tans.
Dosage Oil—3—5 ml.
Dodonaea viscosa Linn. Jacq.
Family Sapindaceae.
Habitat North-western Himalaya up to 1,350 m, in Punjab, South India, ascending to 2,400 m on Nilgiris. Also planted as a hedge plant in Northern India.
English Jamacia Switch Sorrel.
Ayurvedic Raasnaa (substitute, used in Andhra Pradesh). (Raasnaa is equated with
Pluchea lanceolata C. B. Clarke.)
Siddha/Tamil Virali, Velari.
Action Leaves—anti-inflammatory and antibacterial (used in the treatment of swellings, burns, wounds), febrifuge, embrocation of

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