Dosage Leaf—50—100 ml infusion. (CCRAS.)

Eugenia uniflora Linn.

Family Myrtaceae.

Habitat Native to South America; cultivated in gardens; now naturalized in some parts of In-

248 Eulaliopsis binata (Retz.) C. E. Hubbard.

dia at medium elevations under sub-tropical conditions.
English Pitaanga, Surinam Cherry.
Action Fruit—used as a source of carotenoids (225.9 mcg!g) and provitamin A (991 RE/bOg). Leaves—diuretic, antirheumatic, antifebrile. Used for lowering blood pressure, blood cholesterol, uric acid level, also for reducing body weight. Essential oil— digestive, carminative.
The leaves gave flavonoids, quercitrin, quercetin, myricitrin and myricetin as major constituents.
The bark contains 28.5% tannins.
Eulaliopsis binata
(Retz.) C. E. Hubbard.
Synonym Pollinidium angustifolium Haines.
Gram ineae; Poaceae.
Habitat Many parts of North India.
English Baib grass, Sabai grass.

Ayurvedic Balvaja.

Folk Bhaabar.

Action Diuretic. Used for treating lithiasis.
EtOH (50%) extract of the plant is sasmogenic.

Eulophia campestris Wall.

Family Orchidaceae.

Habitat Throughout greater part of India, mostly in the plains.

Ayurvedic Amrita, Sudhaa-muuli, Munjaataka (Salep var.) Saalammisri (substitute). Munjaataka and Saalam-misri have been equated with Orchis latfolia Linn. of the same family.
Action Tubers—used in stamatitis, purulent cough and as a cardiac and nervine tonic. Also used in scrofulous diseases and dyscrasia. Used a substitute for Salep.

Eulophia herbacea Lindl.

Family Orchidaceae.

Habitat Western Himalayas, Bengal and Western parts of Deccan Peninsula.

Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

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