Action Weak sedative, anthelmintic.
Exacum bicolor Roxb.
E. tetragonum Roxb. E. perrottetii Griseb.
Habitat Upper Gangetic plains and tropical Himalaya, also in South
Ayurvedic Ava-chiraayataa (bigger var. of chiraayataa).
Folk Titakhana, Uudakiraayita (Maharashtra).
Action Stomachic,febrifuge, antifungal, bitter tonic.
The leaves gave apigenin, luteolin, vanillic, p-hydroxybenzoic, protocate - chuic and p-coumaric acids.
A related species.
Exacum pedunculatum L., found throughout India, ascending up to 1,000 m, is also used as a substitute for Swertia chirayita and Gentiana lutea. Pounded plant is applied externally in rheumatism and gout. It also gave luteolin, diosmetin and phenolic acids.
Excoecaria agallocha Linn.

Family Convolvulaceae.

Family Euphorbiaceae.

Exogonium purga Benth. 257

Habitat The coastal and tidal forests of India.
English Blinding tree.
Siddha/Tamil Kampetti, Tillai, Agil,
Folk Gevaa, Huraa (Maharashtra). Gangawaa.
Latex—antileprotic. The latex blisters the skin and is reported to cause blindness if it enters the eye. The juice, boiled in oil, is applied in rheumatism, paralysis and leprosy.
The leaves are toxic and contain gallo tannins (0.616 mg!g dry weight). Fresh twigs and bark contain a piscicidal component. The latex is biocidal.

Exogonium purga Benth.
Ipomoea purga Hayne.
Family Convolvulaceae.
Habitat Native to Amercia. Grows in Southern and Eastern India.
English Jalap.
Unani Jalaapaa.

Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

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