antimycotic activity
Ferula narthex Boiss.
Umbellferae; Apiaceae.
Habitat Kashmir.
English Narthex asafoetida.
Ayurvedic Hingu (var.).
Unani Hilteet, Hing.
Siddha/Tamil Perungayam.
Action The gum-resin is used as asafoetida.
The oil is reported to be bacteriocidal. It exhibited antimicrobial activity against Gram-positive and Gram- negative bacteria.
The essential oil, obtained from seeds, shows antioxidant activity comparable to BHT.
The plant gave coumarin derivatives including umbelliferone and scopoletin.
Dosage Gum-resin—125—500 mg. (CCRAS.)
Ferula persica Willd.
Family Urn bet ferae; Apiaceae.
Habitat Native to Arabia and Persia.
English Sagapenum.

Action Resin—less strong than asafoetida; used in the same way as asafoetida and galbanum. Used in Middle East for rheumatic affections and backache.
Ferula sum bul Hook. f.
Family Urn bellferae; Apiaceae.
Habitat Native to Central Asia.
English Musk Root.
Folk Sumbul, Sambala.
Action Used as a sedative in hysteria and other nervous disorders. Also used as a mild gastrointestinal stimulant. Formerly used for asthma, bronchitis and amenorrhoea.
Feruta sumbut contains 0.2—0.4% volatile oil; 5—15% resin; hydroxycoumarins including umbelliferone; sumbulic and angelic acids.

Ficus altissima Blume.

Family Moraceae.

Habitat Assam, eastwards to Malaysia.

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