Family Guttferae; Clusiaceae. Habitat Tropical forests of Assam,
Bengal, Orissa and the Andamans. Ayurvedic Paaraavata, Kowaa.
Folk Kaphal (Nepal), Kujithekera
(Ass am).
Action Sun-dried slices of the fruit are used in dysentery. The latex is used as febrifuge. Gum-resin— drastic cathartic (may produce nausea and vomiting).
The fruits from Assam contain: total soluble solids 9.8, titrable acidity 4.7, total sugars 3.8% and vitamin C
8.64 mg!g
The latex gave xanthones, cowanin, cowanol, cowaxanthone and norcow Th

bark contains cowanin, cowanol, cowaxanthone and rubraxanthone.
Cawanol and cowaxanthone are reported to exhibit moderate antimicrobial activity against
Staphylococcus au reus.

Garcinia hanburyi Hook. f. Family Guttferae; Clusiaceae.

Habitat Evergreen forests of Assam and Khasi Hills.
English Siam Gamboge.
Ayurvedic Kankushtha; Kaalakushtha, Tamaala.
Unani Usaar-e-revand.
Action Gum-resin—drastic hydragogue, cathartic; used for dropsical conditions. Toxic. The gum-resin contains 70—75% resins consisting mainly of alpha- and beta-garcinolic acids with gambogic acids; about 20—25% gum.
Gambogic acid, morellic acid and isomorellic acid are toxic constituents of the gum-resin.

Garcinia indica Choisy.

Synonym G. purpurea Roxb. Family Guttferae; Clusiaceae.

Habitat Evergreen forests of Western Ghats from Konkan southwards and in Goa. Also cultivated in southern districts of Maharashtra and on lower slopes of Nilgiris.


Garcinia mangostana Linn. 279

English Kokam Butter tree, Mangosteen Oil tree.
Ayurvedic Vrkshaamla, Tintidika, Chukra, Amlavrkshak, Kokam,


Siddha/Tamil Murgal.

Folk Kokam.

Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

A Candle of Medicinal Herb’s Identification and Usage