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Abhyaga—(oil-massage) :—


Abhyaga—(oil-massage) :—

Abhyanga (oil-massage and bath) should be resorted to daily, it wards off old age, exertion and (aggravation of) vata; bestows good vision, nourishment to the body, long life, good sleep, good and strong (healthy) skin. It should be done specially to the head, ears and feet.
It should be avoided by persons suffering from aggravation of kapha, who have (just) undergone purification therapies (like emesis, purgation's etc.) and who are suffering from indigestion. 8-

  Abhyaga is anointing the head and body with medicated oil, massaging them mildly and then taking bath with warm water. It is very beneficial not only for the healthy but also for persons suffering from disorders of the nervous system etc.

Vyayama (exercise) :
Lightness (of the body), ability to do (hard) work, keen digestion, depletion of (excess) fat, stable and distinct physique accrue from vyãma (physical exercises).

Persons suffering from diseases of vãta and pitta; children,
aged and those having indigestion should avoid it.

Persons who are strong and who indulge in fatty foods (daily); in cold seasons and spring (season) should do it (exercise) to half of their strength ( capacity) only; while others (and in other seasons) should do it mildly.

Thirst, emaciation, severe dyspnoea (difficult or excess breathing), bleeding diseases, exhaustion, feeling of debility (even without any work), cough, fever and vomiting are caused by excess of exercise.

Those who indulge daily in too much of physical exercise, keeping awake at nights (loss of sleep), walking long distances, sexual intercourse, too much of laughing, speaking and such other strenuous activities perish,  after vanquishing an elephant.