Getting up in the morning

Getting up in the morning
           The healthy person should get up (from bed) during brähma muhurta, to protect his life.Contemplating on the condition of his body, the person should next, attend to ablutions, (after eliminating the urine and faeces), Then after, he should clean his teeth with twigs of arka, nyagrodha, khadira, karanja, kakubha, etc. which are astringent, pungent, and bitter in taste; they (twigs) should be of the size of the tip of the little finger in thickness and twelve angulãs (finger breadth) in length and straight, its top made like a soft brush (by chewing), the teeth should be cleaned without hurting the gums.
           Persons suffering from indigestion, vomiting, dyspnoea, cough, fever, facial paralysis, thirst, ulcerations of the mouth, diseases of the heart, eyes, head and ears, should not make use of the tooth brush (for cleaning the teeth).

Kumkum / safron - Crocus sativus

 Medicinal Plant / herbs

Crocuses belong to the family Iridaceae. The saffron crocus is classified as Crocus sativus, It is a shrub. Leaves are seen towards the base of the stem and are compactly arranged.Read More about safron.....