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Justicia gendarussa Burm. f.

Synonym :- Gendarussa vulgaris Nees.

Family :- Acanthaceae.

Habitat :- Throughout the greater part of India and Andaman Islands.

Ayurvedic :- Krishna Vaasaa (blue

var.), Nila-nirgundi, Krishnanirgundi, Nila-manjari.

Siddha/Tamil :- Karunochhi, Vadaikkuthi.

Action :- Febrifuge, diaphoretic,

emetic, emmenagogue. Infusion of leaves—given internally in cephalalgia,

hemiplegia and facial paralysis. Fresh leaves—used topically in oedema and rheumatism. Bark— emetic.

The leaves contain beta-sitosterol, an alkaloid, lupeol, friedelin and aromatic


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