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Albizia lebbeck .jpg

Albizia lebbeck (Linn.)Willd.

Family :- Mimosaceae.

Habitat :- All over India, from the

Heights up to 1000 min theHimalayas;

also in the Andamans.

English :- Siris tree, East Indian


Ayurvedic :- Shirisha, Bhandi,

Bhandila, Shitapushpa, Mridupushpa,

Kapitana (bark—dusty black).

Unani :- Siras.

Siddha/Tamil :- Vaagei.

Action :- Antiseptic, antibacterial,

antiallergic, antidermatosis, antidysenteric. Bark—used in bronchitis;

bark and seeds in piles; root in hemicrania; flowers in cough, bronchitis, tropical pulmonary eosinophilia, and asthma. Pod— antiprotozoal.

Action :- Bark—a decoction is given in rheumatism and haemorrhage. The bark contains beta-sitosterol and yields 1015% tannins. An oleanolic acid saponin, proceric acid saponin mixture from seeds and root saponin exhibit spermicidal activity.