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Anthocephalus cadamba Miq.

Synonym :- A. indicus A. Rich.

A. chinensis (Lam.) A. Rich. Ex Walp.


Family :- Rubiaceae.

Habitat :- Assam, Bengal, southwards

to Andhra Pradesh and western


English :- Kadam.

Ayurvedic :- Kadamba, Priyaka, Vrtta-pushpa, Nipa, Halipriya. Kadambaka is equated with Adina cordifolia.

Siddha/Tamil :- Venkadambu, Vellai Kadambam.


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Action :- Stembark—febrifugal,

antidiuretic, anthelmintic, hypoglycaemic.

Fruit—cooling; anticatarrhal, blood purifier, analgesic.

Flowers and root—abortifacient.

Leaves—astringent. A decoction is used for gargling in stomatitis and aphthae. Along with other therapeutic applications, The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India indicates the use of dried stembark in disorders of female genital tract and bleeding disorders. The dried bark contains alkaloids, steroids, reducing sugars and also tannins

(4.52%). The ether-soluble alkaloid of the bark shows antibacterial activity.

Dosage :- Stembark—12 g powder.



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