Saraca asoca (Roxb.) DeWilde.



Synonym Saraca indica auct. non L.



Family _ Caesalpiniaceae.

Saraca asoca

Habitat _ Throughout India, except

Northwestern India, up to 1600 m.

English _ Ashoka tree.

Ayurvedic _ Ashoka, Ashoku,

Hempushpa, Taamrapallava,

Pindapushpa, Gandhapushpa.

(Polyalthia longifolia Benth. &

Hook. f., an ornamental roadside

tree, is wrongly called Ashoka.)

Unani _ Ashoka.

Siddha/Tamil _ Asogam.

Action _ Bark—uterine tonic (imparts

healthy tone to uterus), used

for suppressedmenses, leucorrhoea,

menstrual pain, menorrhagia, complaints

of menopause. Also used for

dyspepsia, biliousness, colic, burning

sensation. Flowers—pounded

and mixed with water, used in

haemorrhagic dysentery, bleeding

piles and retention of urine.

The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India

recommends the bark in metrohhagia,

menorrhagia, chronic lymphadenitis

and inflammations.

The flowers contain fatty acids

and gallic acid;


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01 September 2013

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