अमरवल्लरी - Cassytha filiformis


Name - आकाशवल्ली

Botanical name - Cassytha filiformis

Description - A parasitic leafless twiner; stem pubescent or glabrous; spikes pubescent from the axils of scale-leaves; flowers bracteate, sessile, white, outer perianth lobes small, orbicular; berry very small

Chemical Constituents- Stem : cassyfiline, cassythidine cassythine, nantenine

Use - Traditional use : Plant : tonic, alterative, in bilious affections, chronic dysentery, urethiritis and skin diseases, insecticidal; powdered and mixed with gingili oil, it is used as hair tonic; mixed with butter and ginger, it is used for cleansing invertebrate ulcers; Juice of plant : mixed with sugar, considered as specific in inflamed eyes

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