अरिमर्दः - Cassia occidentalis


Name - कासमर्दः

Botanical name - Cassia occidentalis

Description - A small shrub, 1-2 m high; branchlets glabrescent; leaves pinnate, up 15 by 6.5 cm, leaflets 4 or 5 pair, opposite, oblong, lanceolate, petioles up to 4 cr racemes axillary and terminal; flowers 2 cm across, yellow; pod short, stipitate, slight fateate, flat, compressed; seeds many, ovoid, longitudinal

Chemical Constituents- Root contains anthraquinones, phytosterol, dihydroxyanthraquinone, hydroxyanthraquinone, emodin, quercetin, substance similar to rhein. Leaves contain dianthronic heteroside. Pericarp contains epigenin. Seeds contain tannic acid, mucilage, fatty oil consisting of fatty acids, emodin and a toxalbumin. Young roots contain chrysophanol and emodol. Plant contains xanthone cassiollin

Use - Seeds used as a substitute for coffee; as an external application in skin troubles. Leaves and seeds purgative.

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