अष्करः - Semecarpus anacardium


Name - भल्लातकम्

Botanical name - Semecarpus anacardium

Description - Medium-sized trees with rough dark brown bark. Leaves simple, obovate-oblong, cordate at base. Rowers yellowish, unisexual, in terminal, hairy panicles. Drupe globose, black.

Chemical Constituents- Fruit contains biflavones, Bhilwanol. Nuts contain biflavones binaringenin, tetrahydrobutaflavone, tetra-lhydro-amentoflavone; nut shell contains biflavonone semecarpuflavanone, semecapetin. Kernel contains semidrying oil, glycoside.

Use - Tree exudes a gum resin used in leprosy and nervous debility. Fruit used in ascites, rheumatism, asthma, neuralgia, epilepsy and psoriasis and also for warts and tumours. Tests have shown that it is also useful in carcinoma of the nasopharynx; extract also shows hypoglycemic action. They are never used alone and are always mitigated before use

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