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असुरी - Brassica juncea


Name - राजिका

Botanical name - Brassica juncea

Description - Erect herbs with lyrate leaves. Flowers yellow. Capsule beaked. Brassica juneca is an annual glabrous herb. Broadly ovate, coarsely dentate, basal leaves. Upper linear and entire. Yellow, small flowers in recemes. Cruciform petals. Fruit is a siliqua, breaking away from below upwards. Repellum is present to which seeds attached. Seeds are exalbumenous.

Chemical Constituents- Seeds contain essential oil

Use - Seeds, the Mustard is used mainly. The mustard oil is extracted from seeds. Seeds are aerid. Carminative & digestive. Mustard is used in larger doses as an emetic in cases of poisoning. Used in diabetes and according to classics useful in cancerous condition.