अजकर्णः - Vateria indica


Name - सर्जकः

Botanical name - Vateria indica

Description - White resin or wood of Vateria indica Linn. Of Dipterocarpaceae Large trees; bark rough, grey to whitish, peeling off in thick round flakes. Leaves elliptic-oblong. Flowers white, in axillary or terminal long panicles. Capsule oblong..

Chemical Constituents- Bark contains Dl-epicatechin, fischinidol and afzetechin. Tree yields a resin which is a complex mixture of triterpenes. Seeds yield semi solid fat known as Piney tallow or Malabar tallow. Fruit shell yields tannins. Gum yields lipids.

Use - Resin known as Dammar resin is considered tonic, carminative, expectorant and used in chronic bronchitis and throat troubles, piles, diarrhoea, rheumatism, tubercular glands and boils. It enters into an ointment used for carbuncles and is a good emollient for plasters and ointment bases. Bark is alexipharmic.

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01 September 2013

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