आढकी  - Cajanus cajan


Name - आढकी

Botanical name - Cajanus cajan

Description - Annual or perennial shrub, 0.6-3.6 m high with grooved silky branches; leaves trifoliate, leaflets oblong, acute, entire, densely silky beneath and in-distinctly gland-dotted, stipules small, filiform; flowers borne in axillary corymbose racemes, reddish yellow; pods linear, straight, narrowed at both ends, densely glandular, pilose with oblique depressions between seeds. Leaflets with indistinct resinous dots beneath. Flowers yellow. Pod glandular-pubescent

Chemical Constituents- Seeds contain two globulins cajanin and concajanin.

Use - Leaf and Seed : made into paste, warmed and applied to check excessive secretion of milk,

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