उद्गारशॊधनः  - Carum carvi


Name - कृष्णजीरः

Botanical name - Carum carvi

Description - Phytography : A biennial herb producing during the first season a cluster of bi- and tri-pinnate radical leaves; during the second year, there arises a slender stem bearing alternate, pinnate to bipinnate leaves, the terminal segments of which are quite narrow and pointed; these cauline leaves have large sheathing brown petioles; long-stalked compound umbel; flower's white, calyx teeth small, petals ovate and notched, stylopod conical; fruits oblong, laterally compressed, dark brown, cremocarps.

Chemical Constituents- Chemical contents : Leaf : flavonoids; Uruit: abscistc acid, herniarin, lipids, umbelliferone, scopoletin; Essential oil : carvone, menthone, pulegone, trans- & cis-carveol.

Use - Traditional use : Fruit: stomachic, carminative, lactagogue and occasionally used in flatulent colic; Caraway-oil: used to impart flavour to medicines and to correct their nauseating effects; Caraway water: useful remedy in flatulent colic of infants. UNAM : an ingredient for 'Zeera Siyah'. Modern use : Seed-extract : agglutinate human blood cells; Seed (alcoholic extract) : antispasmodic; Essential oil (from seed): antibacte-rial, antifungal.

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