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उन्मत्तः - Datura metel


Name - धत्तूरः

Botanical name - Datura metel

Description - It is Datura metel Linn of the family Solanaceae .Undershrubs with irregularly toothed or lobed leaves. Flowers purplish, large. Capsule globose, strongly spinose.

Chemical Constituents- Whole paint contains withanolide glucosides Daturametelin A and B, withametelin; aerial parts contain daturametelins C, D, E and G-Ac. Leaves contain secowithametelin, daturilinol, vitamin C. Trichomes contain glucose esters. Fresh leaves contain datumetelin, daturilin. Leaves, flowers, roots and aerial parts contain'hyoscine, hyoscyamine. Seeds, leaves contain alkaloid scopolamine. Seeds contain atropine, festunine, fastudine, fastuidine, daturanolone, fastuic acid, fixed oil.

Use - Used as antispasmodic, anodyne and narcotic. It is useful also in skin diseases, fevers and diarrhoea.