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कुक्कुटाण्डक - Oryza sativa


Name - व्रीहिधान्यं

Botanical name - Oryza sativa

Description - This is Oryza sativa Linn. of the family Graminae. Annual or perennial grass. Leaves long, narrow, hairy on margins. Spikelets many, in terminal panicles. Its roots, fruits and husk are used in medicine.

Chemical Constituents- Leaves contain glucotricin. Grains contain vitamins. Seed oil (Rice bran oil) contains ethylidene sterols - tucosterol, 28-isocitrastadienol. Also contains diterpene lactones - momilactone A and momilactone B

Use - Roots are diuretic and ash of husk is a fine abrasive constituent in tooth powder. The endosperm or rice is amyliferous and nutritive. Any gruel could be made sour by keeping it sealed in a vessel for seven days or until it is sour. It is filtered before use.