कुकुन्दरः  - Blumea lacera


Name - कुकुन्दरः

Botanical name - Blumea lacera

Description - Slender, very variable weed with a strong turpentine or camphor odour, 45-60 cm high; stem erect, simple or branched, covered with hairs and glands, often grey in the more silky forms; leaves alternate, petioled, obovate, toothed; heads in short axillary cymes and collected into terminal panicles, 0.8 cm in diameter, involucre of bracts narrow, covered with hairs; florets female and bisexual, yellow; achenes nearly tetragonous and not ribbed.

Chemical Constituents- Herb contains essential oil. Aerial parts contain stigmasterol, campesterol. Root and root bark contains lupeol, lupeol acetate, alpha-amyrin, stigmasterol, campesterol, Beta-sitosterol. Leaves contain flavones.

Use - Juice of leaves anthelmintic, particularly against thread worms. Herb used as a febrifuge, diuretic, anti-scorbutic

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