कटभी - Albizzia procera


Name - कटभी

Botanical name - Albizzia procera

Description - Large deciduous tree, 20-22 m high, 2 m or more in girth; leaf bipinnate, rachis glabrescent, large gland at the base of petiole, leaflets 12-24, short-stalked, subcuiiaceoud, gray beneath, glabrous, obtuse; heads copiously panicled; flowers small, white, scented; pods brown, 10-20 cm by 1.25-2.5 cm, glabrous, 8- to 12-seeded.

Chemical Constituents- Root: saponin; Bark: beta-sitosterol, biochanin A, formonoetin, genistein, diadzein; Heartwood : pterocarpan and 4 isoflavones; Leaf: cc-spinasterol, hentriacontane, hexacosanol; Seed: saponin and sapogenin

Use - Traditional use: TRIBAL : Bark-paste: on body pain and backache. MATSYA PIMANA : paste of the plant can remove all poison from human body. Modem use: Leaf: insecticide, made into poultice for application to ulcers. Remark: A host for lac insects.

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