कटसारिका - Barleria cristata


Name - सैरॆयकः

Botanical name - Barleria cristata

Description - Perennial, erect herb, branches yellow-hairy; leaves opposite, simple, petiolate, oblong or elliptic J 7.5-10.0 x 2.5 cm, yellow hairs on the lower surface; spikes paraded, dense; flowers bracteate and bracteolate, violet or purple-blue or white or rose, . funnel-shaped; capsules 1.6 cm long, 4-seeded.

Chemical Constituents- Roots contain anthraquinones barlacristone and cristabarlone. Flowers contain Beta-sitosterol, quercetin and quercetin 3-0-beta-D-glucoside, apigenin, naringenin, apigenin-glucuronide.

Use - Leaves and roots used in coughs and inflammations.

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