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कृतवॆधना - Luffa acutangula


Name - राजकॊशातकी

Botanical name - Luffa acutangula

Description - Large climber. Leaves palmately 5 to 7-angled or lobed. Male flowers in racemes. Female flowers solitary. Fruits long, cylindrical with 10 ridges.

Chemical Constituents- Herb contains acutosides A-G. Roots contain cucurbitacin B and traces of cucurbitacin D. Ripe seeds contain acutosides H and I, oleanolic acid, bitter principles cucurbitacins B, D, G & H; also saponin. Seed kernel contains fatty oil

Use - Leaves used as a poultice in hemorrhoids, leprosy and spleenitis; juice in conjunctivitis; decoction in uremia and amenorrhoea. Ripe seeds emetic and purgative.