कुमारकः - Crataeva religiosa


Name - वरुणः

Botanical name - Crataeva religiosa

Description - Small spreading tree; leaves trifoliate, aromatic when bruised; corymbs terminal, flowers large, white to yellow and purple, 2.5-5.0 cm in diameter, stamens purple, indefinite, adnate to base of gynophore, ovary on a slender stalk; berry fleshy, globose, 2.5-5.0 cm in diameter, many-seeded.

Chemical Constituents- It contains saponin and tannin

Use - The bark and root are used medicine, as diuretic and lithotriptic. It is also used in internal inflammations. AYURVEDA: Extract of root-bark mixed with honey: in scrofulous enlargement of glands under lower jaw; Powdered stem-bark : as appetiser, in renal and urinary troubles, gastro-intestinal and urinary affections; Decoction of stem-bark compounded with root powder: in gravel; Bark-collyrium: in eye affections; Stem-bark and fresh leaf compound together as rubrifacient, in rheumatic pain; Leaf-juice: in rheumatism.

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