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कर्चूरः  - Curcuma zedoaria


Name - कर्चूरः

Botanical name - Curcuma zedoaria

Description - Herbs with rhizomes bearing palmately branched sessile cylindric tubers. Leaves with long petiole, oblanceolate. Flowers yellow, in spikes; flowering bracts cymbiform, green tinged with red.

Chemical Constituents- Rhizome contains sesquiterpenoids - curcumol, zederone, zedoarone, fyranodiene, cumolone, pyrocurzerenone, procurcumenol, curcumenone, curcumanolide A and curcumanolide B, curcumenol, guaiane zedoarondiol. Essential oil consists of curzerenone, furanodienone I, isofuranodienone II and epicurzerenone

Use - Rhizomes are aromatic, cooling, diuretic, stimulant arid carminative. The rhizomes do not contain dye.