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कूर्चशीर्षकः - Cocos nucifera


Name - नारीकॆलः

Botanical name - Cocos nucifera

Description - Cocos nucifera. A tall, unbranched monaceous plant with leaf scars and grows about 40-80 ft high. Leaves are only at the top of the tree forming a crown, pinnately compound, with sheathing leaf base. 6-15 ft long, equidistant leaflets 2-3 ft long, linear-lanceolate. Unisexual flowers in branched spadix. Spathe is large, woody. Unsymmetric male flowers with small sepals. Female flowers larger than sepals. Fruit is a drupe with fibrous mesocarp and persistent perianth. 8-12 in long, Trigonously obovoid or Subglobose in size and shape.

Chemical Constituents- Albumin and globulin fractions of coconut comprises of a number of amino acids.

Use - Fruits, roots, and unopened flower. Tender fruits are used in dehydration, debility. Flowers as an anti abortificient agent. Root: astringent, diuretic, anthelmintic and beneficial in uterine disorders, pharyngodynia, haemorrhagia, bronchitis, hepatopathy, etc.; Juice of young spadix : sweet, refrigerant, aperient, aphrodisiac, intoxicating, tonic, diuretic and useful in dyspepsia, diarrhoea, diabetes, leprosy etc.; Oil: disinfectant, insecticidal, appetiser, digestive and tonic and used as a medium for many medicated oils and ointments