कुरुविन्द - Cyperus rotundus


Name - मुस्तकम्

Botanical name - Cyperus rotundus

Description - Rhizomatous herbs with tubers. Leaves dark green above, paler beneath. Spikelets red reddish-brown, turning black. Nut oblong, ovoid.

Chemical Constituents- Tubers contain flavonoid glycoside, cyperene 1 and cyperene 2, patchoulenone, sesquiterpene ketone mustakone from essential oil, cyperotundone, cyperolone, sesquiterpenoid penoid-sugetriol tri-acetate (from tubers of Japanese nut grass); essential oil has important compounds like copadiene, epoxyguaiene, rotundone and cyperolone. Sesquiterpenic ketol contains sugeonol, cyperol and isocyperol, alpha-rotunol, Beta-rotunol, two norsesquiterpenoids kobusone and isokobusone

Use - Accredited with diuretic, diaphoretic and astringent properties. Used in stomach and bowel complaints

Medicinal plants of India ; Ayurveda

01 September 2013

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