कलायः  - Pisum sativum


Name - कलायः

Botanical name - Pisum sativum

Description - Tendrillar herbs. Leaves pinnate; stipules auricled. Flowers white, bluish or purple. Pod straight or curved.

Chemical Constituents- Leaf, petiole, tendril and stem contains kaempferol-3-triglucoside, quercetin-3-triglucoside and their p- coumaric acid esters. Pods contain proteins, oil, saponin pisatin, L-pipecolic acid, glycoside-Pisatoside. Seeds contain tocopherols, cerebroside. Roots contain cis trans- and trans- xanthotoxin.

Use - Pea oil used in preventing pregnancy, also showed reduction in number of spermatozoa Ayurveda : Sateena - Seed - Haemorrhage, contraceptive. Seeds are emollient and resolvent. It contains alkaloid trigonelline that is present also in fenugreek. The seed oil antagonises the effect of male sex hormone and causes sterility.

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