कुशः  - Desmostachya bipinnata


Name - कुशः

Botanical name - Desmostachya bipinnata

Description - The Desmostachya bipinnata. A perennial, tall, tufted grass with a thick scaly root stock, creeping stout root stock is covered with shining sheaths. Many leaves, basal fascicled, reaching 20 in long, broad at the base, with filiform tips and hispid margins. panicles erect, narrowly pyramidal. Sessile spikelets, 2-seriate and crowded, pale brown. Grains obliguely ovoid, laterally Compressed

Chemical Constituents-

Use - It is Diuretic, cooling in nature, improves the complexion, heals internal and external wounds. Used in menorrhagia, dysentery, repeated abortions, in epilepsy, diabetes and piles.

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