कुसुम्भं  - Carthamus tinctorius


Name - कुसुम्भं

Botanical name - Carthamus tinctorius

Description - An annual herb, 30-60 cm in height; leaves ovate, spiny, toothed; leafy bracted heads of tubular flowers, entire or broken, orange-red to brownish red tubular florets, up to 40 mm long when entire, consists of an oblong ovary with tubular corolla, style terminating in a bifid stigma.

Chemical Constituents- Buds, flowers, leaves and stems contain volatile oil which is a mixture of polyacetylenes; yellow and ivory white flowers contain carthamin, neocarthamin; ivory white flowers contain quercetin, kaempferol, kaempferol-3-rhamnoglucoside and kaempferol glycoside. Seed contains oil, phenolic amide serotobenine.

Use - Capitula laxative and diaphoretic, used in jaundice. Modern use : Flower: used in preparation of medicines for poliomyelitis, paralysis of brain and spine, other nerve disorders, heart diseases; Corolla-extract: effective in coronary occlusion in animals; Seed(50% EtOH extract): spasmolytic; Seed-oil: lowers blood cholesterol in human, increase plasma insulin

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