काकनासा - Asclepias curassavica


Name - काकनासा

Botanical name - Asclepias curassavica

Description - Erect herb with bright crimson flowers in cymes. Follicle about 6 cm long.

Chemical Constituents- Roots contain glycosides vincetoxin (asclepiadin). Stem contains noraproside and 12Beta-hydroxycoroglaucigenin. Leaves contain cardenolides. Plant contains cardenolides calactin, calotropin, calotropagenin, coroglaucigenin, uzarigenin, asclepin. Also contains Beta-sitosterol and its glucoside.

Use - Roots emetic and cathartic, used in piles and gonorrhoea. Leaf juice antihelmintic, anti dysenteric and sudorific, used against cancer. Latex used to remove warts and corn

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