काकमाची  - Solanum nigrum


Name - काकमाची

Botanical name - Solanum nigrum

Description - Unarmed herbs. Leaves ovate, distinctly toothed. Flowers white, few, in umbellate cymes. Berry globose, black when ripe

Chemical Constituents- Leaves contain quercetin glycosides. Immature fruits contain glucoalkaloids. Leaves and fruits contain solasodine type compounds. Fruits contain steroidal glycosides, glycoalkaloids alpha-solamargine, alpha-solasonine.

Use - Antiseptic and anti-dysenteric, used in cardalgia and gripe. Infusion of herb applies to anthrax pustules. Herb also used as a diuretic and laxative; decoction narcotic am antispasmodic. Fresh extract of herb effective in cirrhosis of liver. Berries tonic, diureti and cathartic, used in anasarca and heart diseases. -- The infusion of the plant is useful in dysentery other stomach complaints and fevers; it promotes urination The juice of the plant is useful on ulcers and other skin diseases. Its fruits are more important. They are tonic and laxative, improve appetite, and are useful in asthma, skin diseases, urinary discharges, excessive thirst, fevers, diarrhoea am eye troubles, dilatation of pupils etc. Green fruits are pounded and applied locally on ringworm --

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01 September 2013

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