काण्डरुहा - Picrorhiza kurroa


Name - कटुरॊहिणी

Botanical name - Picrorhiza kurroa

Description - It is a small herb with spathula-shaped, 5-10 cm long leaves, Rhizomes of the plant are 15-25 cm long and woody. Flowers small, in cylindric spikes, spikes borne on almost leafless erect stems. Flowers are of two kinds, some are with 8 mm long filaments, others with. 2 cm long filaments. Fruits 1.3 cm long.

Chemical Constituents- It contains glucoside. Picrorrhizin, bitter principle kutkin, non bitter kurrin and Sterol Kutkisterol.

Use - It is a bitter cathartic used in preparation intended for Dyspepsia, fever and in purgatives. The drug comprises the dried rhizomes of the plant. It is bitter tonic and is useful as anti periodic and promotes secretion of bile. It is believed to have same properties as Gentian, i. e. improves appetite and stimulates gastric secretion. It is also used in dropsy. The antibiotic activity of the drug Picrorhiza has been shown experimentally.

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