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कारवी - Anethum sowa


Name - शतपुष्पा

Botanical name - Anethum sowa

Description - A graceful annual, about 1 m high with striated darker and lighter green stems covered with a whitish bloom and decompound leaves cut into filiform segments; flowers yellow, in umbels often enlarging into fruits

Chemical Constituents- Herb contains vitamin C and P. Roots contain polyene, Beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, scopoletin, umbelliferone and probably osthole. Fruits contain compounds like myristicin, coumarin, flavonoids, phenolic acids, steroids. Dried fruits contain fatty oil. Seeds give an essential oil known as Dill oil containing flavonoids, Beta-sitosterol glucoside containing carvone.

Use - The drug is carminative and stomachic. It is useful in flatulence. Leaves carminative, essential oil stomachic and diuretic. Given to children in flatulence