गुडा - Euphorbia antiquorum



Name - सॆहुण्डः

Botanical name - Euphorbia antiquorum

Description - Has 3-5 angled branches and grows throughout India in warmer region. It's juice is used in dropsy and as nervine tonic.

Chemical Constituents- Stem and roots contain taraxerol, taraxerone, friedelan, 3 (alpha-ol, epifriedelinol, euphol and an unidentified compound. Stem contains triterpenoid saponin, 6-amyrin, diterpene antiquorin. Latex contains macrocyclic diterpene, triterpene euphol, antiquol A and antiquol B, sitosterol, diterpene antiquorin, 6-amyrin, euphadienol and euphorbol

Use - The juice and latex of the plant are purgative, irritant, insecticidal and parasiticidal, It is useful as a purgative, and in rheumatism, nervine diseases, dropsy, palsy, deafness, warts and cutaneous affections. Decoction given in gout. Juice used in nervine troubles and dropsy, applied against warts Latex used to kill maggots

Medicinal plants of India ; Ayurveda

01 September 2013

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