गन्धप्रियङ्गुः - Aglaia roxburghiana


Name - प्रियङ्गुः

Botanical name - Aglaia roxburghiana

Description - Large tree, wood bright red; leaves shortly petiolate, pinnate, leaflets 5, rarely 7 or 3, elliptic, glabrescent, obtuse, sometimes acute; panicles rather supra-axillary, pyramidal, elongate; flowers shortly pedicellate, small, 0.2 cm in diameter, yellow; fruits subglobose, small, 0.25 cm in diameter, buff-coloured, orange when ripe; very minutely pilose, rusty, persistent.

Chemical Constituents- Leaf: a bis-amide of roxburghilin and its two epimers.

Use - The drug is astringent and cooling. It is used in inflammations and leprosy. Dried flowers of Myristica malabarica Lamk of the family Myristicaceae are also available

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