गॊलिहः - Schrebera swietenioides


Name - मॊक्षः

Botanical name - Schrebera swietenioides

Description - Medium-sized trees with grey, thick, slightly rough bark, exfoliating in woody seal Leaves imparipinnate; leaflets ovate- lanceolate. Flowers yellowish-brown, fragrant, Leaves imparipinnate; leaflets ovate- lanceolate. Flowers y dichotomous cymes. Capsule woody, pear shaped, pendulous

Chemical Constituents- Tree exudes a gum containing mannitol, fructose and digalaitoside known as swietenose.

Use - Leaves used in enlargement of spleen and in urinary discharges. Roots used i leprosy; bark in boils and bums. Fruits used in hydrocele.

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