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चक्राह्वा - Crinum latifolium


Name - सुदर्शना

Botanical name - Crinum latifolium

Description - Bulb globose, 12.5-15.0 cm in diameter, neck short; leaves many, 60-100 cm by 7.5-10.0 cm, bright green, keeled and waved; scape 60-100 cm, stout, green reddish or purple, spathes 7.5-10.0 cm, coloured like scape; umbels 10- to 20-flowered; flowers variable in size, white, more or less streaked or tinged with red towards centre, or red-purple nearly all over the back of Jobes; fruits subglobose, 3.7-5.0 cm in diameter

Chemical Constituents- Bulb contains alkaloid hippeastrine. Leaves contain alkaloids latifine, cherylline.

Use - Tam: Vishmungil. Trade names : Sukhdarsan, Bulbs used in rheumatism. Leaf juice in earache.