चक्षुष्यं - Cassia absus


Name - प्रपौण्डरीकम्

Botanical name - Cassia absus

Description - Glandular hairy herbs. Leaflets 2 pairs. Flowers yellow, in terminal or leaf-opposed racemes. Pod slightly oblique, hairy; seed trapezoid-ovoid

Chemical Constituents- Root contains aloe-emodin, chrysophanol. Roots and leaves contain chaksine and isochaksine. Seed kernels contain chaksine and isochaksine. Seed contains acids, apigenin, luteolin, Beta-sitosterol-Beta-glucoside, D-galacto-D-mannan composed of galactose and mannose. Seed contains oil with fatty acids and raffinose

Use - Seeds used in opthalmia and skin troubles, also used as a cathartic. Leaves used in cough

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