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च्छत्रा - Cymbopogon citratus


Name - भूतृणम्

Botanical name - Cymbopogon citratus

Description - Phytography : Tall, tufted, perennial with a short rhizome and fascicles of leaves; leaf blades linear, tapering upward to a long setaceous point, glabrous, margin rough, midrib stout below, whitish upward, ligules very short, sheath terete, flowers in spikelets, glumes distinctly concave at the lower half.

Chemical Constituents- Plant yields essential oil known as Lemon grass oil. Essential oil contains geraniol, alpha-oxobrisbolene, menthone, menthol, myrcene, limonene, methylheptenone, methyl heptenol, citrol, neriol, linalool, terpineol and citronellol. Leaf wax contains cymbopogone, triterpenoid cymbopogonol.

Use - Trade name: Lemon grass. Traditional use : Plant: aromatic, acrid, anthelmintic, appetizer, alexipharmic, anaphrodisiac, bitter, thermogenic and useful in anorexia, bronchitis, cholera, fever, flatulence, neuralgia, sprains, and vitiated conditions of kapha and vata. An infusion of its leaves is sometimes taken as a substitute for tea, as a refreshing beverage.