चंपकः - Michelia champaca


Name - चाम्पॆयः

Botanical name - Michelia champaca

Description - Michelia champaca is a tall handsome, evergreen tree with a straight trunk of about 30 m in height branches ascending, spreading, forming a close head. Simple, alternate leaves, lanceolate, entire petiolate. very fragrant flowers, yellowish to orange, Solitary and axillary and deciduous bracts. Dark brown capsules, opening on the back by two valves, valves woody, orbicular covered with white warty exereseenses. Seeds 1-12, brown, polished, variously angled and rounded on the back.

Chemical Constituents- Root bark contains sesquiterpene lactones costunolide. parthenolide, dihydroparthenolide, micheliolide. Bark contains tannin. Leaves contain essential oil. Flowers contain Champaca essential oil. Seeds contain fat, resin and resin acids.

Use - Bark is used in fevers, flowers are stimulant, good for eyes and relives burning , and in skin diseases, Root bark is purgative, used in amenorrhoea. Flowers tonic, stomachic, carminative, used in dyspepsia, nausea, fever, also useful as a diuretic in renal diseases. Flower oil used in cephalgia. Bark stimulant, diuretic and febrifuge. Dried root and root-bark used as a purgative and emmenagogue

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01 September 2013

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