चर्मकषा - Euphorbia tirucalli


Name - सातला

Botanical name - Euphorbia tirucalli

Description - Unarmed tall succulent shrubs or small trees. Leaves small, caducous, branchlets of cylindric cladodes. Cyathia fascicled, gland peltate.

Chemical Constituents- Plant contains anthocyanins, triterpenes, diterpene esters, taraxerone, tirucallol, sitosterol, ellagic acid. Stem contains tirucallins A, B and Euphorbin F, monomeric and dimeric ellagitannins, hentriacontane, hentriacontanol, beta-sitosterol, taraxerol, 3, 3'-dl-o-methylellagic acid and ellagic acid. Stem bark contains alpha-taraxerol, cycloartanol, triterpene euphorginol, euphorcinol, cycloeucalenol, taraxasteryl acetate. Fresh latex contains isoeuphorol. Dried latex contains diterpene esters, macrocyclic diterpene tirucalicine, euphorone.

Use - Latex vesicant, rubefacient, used externally to remove warts; also applied in neuralgia and toothache.

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01 September 2013

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