चिरबिल्वकः - Pongamia glabra


Name - करञ्जः

Botanical name - Pongamia glabra

Description - A dwarf deciduous tree with short bole and spreading shady crown having smooth grey bark. Trifoliate leaves are bright-green and glossy. Leaves often marred by the 'presence of insects which make ugly patches under the surface tissue. Flowers half an inch long, lilac or mauve-coloured resembling those of Milletia, borne in short racemes in .the axils of the leaves. Flowers in leafless condition in the last week of April to May

Medicinal plants of India ; Ayurveda

01 September 2013

Encyclopedia of Indian Medicinal Plants/Herbs mainly using in Ayurveda with good quality pictures and information like therapeutic usage of Medicinal Plants, cultivation, morphology, habitat, flower characters, Chemical content, parts used, research works etc.

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