चिल्हकः - Casearia tomentosa


Name - चिल्हकः

Botanical name - Casearia tomentosa

Description - Phytography: A small tree or shrub with pubescent or tomentose twigs; leaves simple, oblong or smaller one somewhat ovate or elliptic, pubescent, especially on ribs beneath; flowers axillary on the new shoot, green, very small; capsule soft green, axillary and from leafless axils, oblong, 6-angular; seeds arillate

Chemical Constituents-

Use - Traditional use : LODHA : (i) Root-paste (with kusum oil): in leucoderma, (H) Root-powder : as hallucinogen, (iii) Stem-bark (powder): to smoke in dropsy; MUNDA: Fresh ieaf-paste (with lime): in ringworm; SANTAL : Root-bark decoction (with paste of long peppers) in diabetes; TRIBES OF BASTAR (Madhya Pradesh): Root-bark : as tonic in anaemia. Modern use : Aerial parts (50% EtOH extract): antiviral, hypotensive and spasmolytic

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01 September 2013

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