जतुकम् - Ferula narthex


Name - सहस्रवॆधि

Botanical name - Ferula narthex

Description - A tall perennial herb with robust carrot-shaped roots. Leaves of two kinds; lower simple, 30-60 cm long, ovate; upper much divided into numerous segments. Young leaves densely hairy. Flowers small, yellow, in large terminal clusters. Fruit 8 mm long, about half as broad or broader.

Chemical Constituents-

Use - Asafoetida is the resinous and scented substance obtained by incision in the living rhizomes or roots of this plant and it allied species. It is a very useful remedy for relieving spasms and indigestion, flatulent colic, cholera and whooping cough. It is a stimulant for respiratory and nervous system and is very effective in pneumonia and bronchitis in children. It is applied externally on stomach to stimulate the intestines, even its enema is recommended in intestinal flatulence

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