जन्तुफलः - Ficus racemosa


Name - उदुम्बरः

Botanical name - Ficus racemosa

Description - Ficus racemosa is an evergreen, tall tree with latex. Dark green leaves, simple, alternate, entire, elliptic lanceolate 3-nerved. Fruit receptacles shortly pedunculate, on short leafless warter branches. Smooth or pubescent obovoid, reddish when ripe. They have a pleasant smell resembling that of cider apples. Fruit is edible bed usually full of worms.

Chemical Constituents- Plant contains glycoside, tetracyclictriterpene glauanol. Bark contains luepol, beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, leucoanthocyanins, tannin.

Use - It is astringent and cooling, used in bleeding disorders like colities, menorrhagia, metrorehagia. Leaves used in bilious affection. Bark given to cattle in rinder-pest disease. Root used in diarrhoea and diabetes. Fruit stomachic and carminative, used in haemoptysis Latex used in piles and diarrhoea.

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