जिङ्गिनी  - Lannea coromandelica


Name - जिङ्गिनी

Botanical name - Lannea coromandelica

Description - Medium-sized or large deciduous tree; bark grey or whitish, smooth. Leaves imparipinnate. Flowers small, yellowish or purple, in racemes. Drupe reddish, fleshy, reniform.

Chemical Constituents- Bark contains 1-epicatechin and leucocyanidin. Stem bark contains phlobotannins, hydroxyanthraquinones. Leaves contain quercetin, rutin, leucocyanidin and leucodelphinidin. Flowers contain quercetin, isoquercetrin, morin and ellagic acid.

Use - Bark astringent; yields a gum known as Jingani gum.

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