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तुच्छा - Indigofera tinctoria


Name - नीली

Botanical name - Indigofera tinctoria

Description - Indigofera tinctoria, a shrub, 4-6 ft high, branches terete. Leaves with 9-13 leaflets, opposite, membranous, green but drying a greyish-black, rounded and apiculate. Numerous flowers in nearly sessile lax spicate racemes with pink corolla and papilionaceous. Pod linear, minutely hairy, slightly curved with 8-12 seeds.

Chemical Constituents- Whole plant contains flavonoids, apigenin, kaempferol, luteolin and quercetin. It contains alkaloid indican.

Use - It is used in asities, snake poison, diseases due to metallic toxemia and in dog bite and extract in rabid dog bite, epilepsy and other nervous disorders; ointment used in sores, old ulcers and piles. Decoction of leaves used in menorrhagia. Roots used in urinary complaints and hepatitis